Prosperity Plan Day #32


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Dear Diary,

Principle Statement #2:

“I lift up my mind and heart to be aware, to understand, and to know that the Divine Presence I AM is the Source and Substance of all my good.”

Meditate on the above principle for 15 minutes and then journal:

When I meditate on ‘lift up my mind and heart’ I think of action.  We are either choosing to stay connected to source (be the cause) or stay connected to our human beingness (be the effect).  We either are making choices to life and hearts up or not.  It is so clear, so simple.  I know what is going to bring me more suffering. I know what is going to bring me fulfillment and joy.  I can pretend I don’t and pretend that I am the effect of something or someone, but it is just a pretense.

When people are ready to change and choose to lift their minds and hearts up, they will.  Period.  Not a day sooner and not a day later.

Some times I sit in meditation for a half an hour or an hour, just in silence and allow myself to just be there.  I tell Divine that I am here to be a listening and what ever bestowal of wisdom It wants me to hear, I am receptive to now.  This was the basis of my meditation for the last 14 years.  The most work was disciplining my mind to let thoughts go, like clouds in the sky.  What worked the best was to not acknowledge the thoughts or mind chatter (notice I said ‘the’ instead of ‘my’ thoughts and mind chatter because they are not who I truly am).  As I stopped giving attention to them they began to quiet down.  What we give attention to expands and what we don’t contracts.  I would focus on the ‘void,’ the space of nothingness.  I would focus on being as present as possible.

The miracles that come out of this space are dear to my heart.  It is what keeps me committed to my spiritual practice and having God as my number one priority.  Some times it is difficult to come back to this plane.  I witness the pain and chaos in this world and pray that more people with find God and their spiritual path just to diminish some of the collective struggle.

One day at a time….

Today, I choose to stay in ‘right thinking’ and ‘right action.’  Today I choose to take care of my health, my wealth and my wisdom.  I will ask where I can be in service and where I can bring value.  Today, isn’t just any day…… Today, is my life!

Love, e

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